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About us

Our history

Time, steady perseverance and care have enabled Jean-Philippe Janoueix to build up a fine portfolio of wine estates. The properties are spread carefully across Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Pomerol, Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux Supérieur, offering rare diversity and quality.   Find out more

Our philosophy

By understanding our past we can best create our future

Our work is carried out with a true knowledge and respect for our ancestral craft, both in the vines and at the winery. We seek to draw out the true character of our terroir, working the fruit with finesse and care. Oak is used subtly to accompany without overwhelming the fruit, allowing for the great terroir to express itself. Purity is our constant goal. Centuries of viticulture lie in our wake; a long history of passionate men and women and a unique product. Innovation still exists, as it must, but innovation never obstructs what is most essential: the earth, its fruit and the pleasure of taste.

The vineyard

In the vineyard we constantly strive for rigour and precision. We encourage biodiversity by allowing grass to grow in every other row of vines, enabling colonies of insects to grow and improving the absorption of water into the soils. The vines are planted densely, creating an almost Burgundian competitiveness between the vines, which must dig deeper into the mineral-rich terroir for nutrients. Harvesting is done by hand and almost everything is transferred using gravity. We take the time to sort the grapes twice, always putting quality before high yields. All of our vines are looked after sustainably, reducing our ecological footprint and helping our ecosystem.

The winery

At the winery we carefully analyse our terroir and each unique vintage. We don’t tread down or press our wines. Techniques are chosen thoughtfully to respect the flavours of our fruit. Processes are carried out with care and delicateness, and a constant desire to innovate and improve so as to fulfil our potential. In every winery there’s a place for a little philosophy: Jean Philippe Janoueix never allows ambition to cloud his humbleness and modesty.


In the vineyard and at the winery, tests are often productive. After many years of trialling, cigar barrels have now become part of our signature. They bring richness, structure and silkiness to the mid-palate of our wines, with roughly 20% of our production aged in these special casks. Since 2016 we have been carrying out tests for sulphur-free, with promising results.