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Bordeaux Supérieur

Pleasure, balance and liveliness

Two of our chateaux are situated in the dynamic Bordeaux Supérieur appellation, on the edge of Fronsac. Possessing a majority of Merlot, the wines are full of character. They are fine and generous, showing off their magnificent silt and clay terroir, which provides wines that are excellent in their young years and please a wide audience. These are convivial wines, made to be shared.

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Saint-Georges Saint-Émilion

The most secret and magical treasure of the right bank

Geographically speaking, Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion is right next to the most famous plateau of the right bank. The Barbanne spring separates the two – the same natural boundary that separates Pomerol from Saint-Emilion. The clay and limestone terroir extends over the ridges that excite and inspire connoisseurs. Saint Georges’s heritage dates back to Roman times, when it became recognised for strong character and humbleness, a wine maker’s soil whose secret lives on. The result is Bordeaux’s most secretive appellation, with just 190 hectares and 20 producers.

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Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Character, minerality and refinement

Saint-Emilion has a rhythm all of its own, with winding cobbled streets that transport you in time, charming stone houses and ancient wells. The perfumed scent of the region’s finest ‘cannelés’ lingers heavy in the air… The peaceful life of this small Medieval town is a delight to enjoy, sipping the pleasures of a glass of La Confesssion on a sunny terrace in the market square. A world-reputed centre for wine is untouched by its fame, continuing its gentle existence among the vines, set upon one of the planet’s finest terroirs. From our fine Chartreuse with its emblematic flags, we do all that we can to honour the grandeur and beauty of Saint-Emilion’s Grand Crus.

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Finesse, elegance, voluptuousness

The small flagship appellation of the right bank, Pomerol and its 792 hectares have never allowed for any classification. The wines, which have a majority of Merlot, fascinate those who taste them and are sought after for their characteristic elegance. The soils are fast-draining, composed of gravel and fine clay upon which we have planted vines of at an unusually high density of up to 12,000 plants per hectare. This allows the terroir to reveal its full potential.

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