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Cap d’Or

Château Cap Saint George


Cap d’Or is the chateau’s second wine, but rather than being secondary it is rather its feminine counterpart. This femininity reveals itself in a floral, raspberry touch and in freshness and minerality. The wine is fine and seductive, with a very delicate hint of oak that reinforces the fruit and the terroir. Historically, Cap d’Or was named Cap Doro by the Romans in the First Century when they decided to clear the south facing slopes. Superb exposure to the sunlight allows for an excellent maturation of the grapes and seeds, providing the basis for a very natural vinification.

Technical sheet

Château Cap Saint George

From the terrace of Cap Saint George, we oversee the estate’s 19-hectare vineyard. The south-facing vines are planted in perfect alignment, running right up to the stone walls that surround them. The wines are vinified according to the principles that we hold dear: manual harvesting is followed by a transfer into vats using gravity. The temperature is raised gently, never exceeding 27˚C so as to extract a maximum of aromas without going too far. Creativity pushes us to pursue even greater results as the vintages pass, through constant testing and improving.

Saint-Georges Saint-Émilion

The most secret and magical treasure of the right bank

Geographically speaking, Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion is right next to the most famous plateau of the right bank. The Barbanne spring separates the two – the same natural boundary that separates Pomerol from Saint-Emilion. The clay and limestone terroir extends over the ridges that excite and inspire connoisseurs. Saint Georges’s heritage dates back to Roman times, when it became recognised for strong character and humbleness, a wine maker’s soil whose secret lives on. The result is Bordeaux’s most secretive appellation, with just 190 hectares and 20 producers.

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