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Château La Confession

Château La Confession


Deep, graceful and voluptuous.

Wordplay is inevitable when a wine is so well suited to it. Let us confess to a recurrent theme of ripe black and red fruits from the finest sun-drenched years. Let us confess to seductive, alluring textures on the palate with restrained opulence obtained from partial ageing in ‘cigar’ barrels. Next, let us confess to incredible tight precision, underlining the minerality of the terroir and the wine’s many complex dimensions. Finally, let’s dwell for a moment to confess the remarkable length… and let us pray for absolution, at least until the next bottle is uncorked.   Château La Confession is vinified using techniques that we hold dear, with all of the care and precision that an exceptional wine demands.

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Château La Confession

Château La Confession’s seven and a half hectares (18.5 acres) of clay-limestone soils lie upon a fine slope. At harvest time, we appreciate the cool, calm mornings, the gentle rustling of the vines and the suspense of the winery. In winter, we allow ourselves to be drawn into the chateau’s fireplace by the smell of vine smoke infusing a fine rib of beef. Wreaths of blue holly decorate our white earthenware crockery, in harmony with the label of the bottle opened a little earlier to allow the wine to breathe. The Exposition Universelle of 1855 comes to mind as the crockery awaits the meal with impatience. La Confession reveals itself in all its soft elegance, savoured before a roaring fire.

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Character, minerality and refinement

Saint-Emilion has a rhythm all of its own, with winding cobbled streets that transport you in time, charming stone houses and ancient wells. The perfumed scent of the region’s finest ‘cannelés’ lingers heavy in the air… The peaceful life of this small Medieval town is a delight to enjoy, sipping the pleasures of a glass of La Confesssion on a sunny terrace in the market square. A world-reputed centre for wine is untouched by its fame, continuing its gentle existence among the vines, set upon one of the planet’s finest terroirs. From our fine Chartreuse with its emblematic flags, we do all that we can to honour the grandeur and beauty of Saint-Emilion’s Grand Crus.

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