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Sacré Coeur

Château La Croix


This 100% Merlot intrigues purists and impassions amateur wine lovers. Sacré Coeur is a perfectionist’s quest for a single-varietal wine from one of the the finest terroirs in the world. The wine enjoys the delicacy and complex nuances that originate from the Merlot grown upon gravel and light clay soils. This micro-production of 1.5 hectares (3.5 acres) is almost unobtainable: only three to five thousand bottles are produced each year, so devotees must beg to even make it onto the waiting list.

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Château La Croix

Sacré Coeur is produced from a miniature 1.5 hectare plot on the magnificent terroir of Château La Croix, the Janoeuix family’s Pomerol estate. Lying just a few metres from Château La Croix Saint Georges, the soil is a mixture of fine gravel and sand. This combination favours both excellent ripeness and great complexity in the grapes. Our friendly neighbours in this prestigious appellation include Château Le Pin, Pétrus and Petit Village.


Finesse, elegance, voluptuousness

The small flagship appellation of the right bank, Pomerol and its 792 hectares have never allowed for any classification. The wines, which have a majority of Merlot, fascinate those who taste them and are sought after for their characteristic elegance. The soils are fast-draining, composed of gravel and fine clay upon which we have planted vines of at an unusually high density of up to 12,000 plants per hectare. This allows the terroir to reveal its full potential.

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